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Outstanding medical destination

When we think of having holidays we choose the destination depending on the climate, landscapes or cultural life. When we need to follow a medical treatment but would like to make it nicer, we think of medical tourism.

This is not such an easy choice. Many factors must be researched and contrasted. You need reliable providers, understand the preoperative and postoperative specifications and a flawless travel arrangement. This means to be in the best hands.

Thinking of a cross border treatment?

Before you make a decision, we want to let you know that you should make a research about all these factors. If you read reviews about Spain and its clinics, you will get to know about its high standards and patient’s satisfaction levels. It is recommendable to talk to the people that already had the experience of med tourism in Spain. Besides, we suggest you checking websites and media covering.

Why Spain?

Spain is a very touristic country. Every year it beats its own goals. Just to give an idea, in 2016 Spain got 75 millions of tourists. This is due to many components. We all know about its soft climate, healthy and delicious food, friendly people and very good services.

Transports, hotels and restaurants, a wide range of activities to fulfil your leisure time and,  what makes it even more attractive, one of the best healthcare systems in the world and its committed professionals.

Perfect! Enjoying Spain and getting your medical treatment at the same time. Would you like to convert your dialysis treatment experience into a much nicer one? Then come to Spain and discover why every year more and more people choose this country to improve their beauty or health.

Spain, just advantages

We have mentioned some of the reasons why visiting Spain as a tourist is a right choice but let us talk in depth about having a medical holiday:

  • First of all, you are saving money.
  • Second, you are getting the treatment you need without waiting lists
  • And third, you are travelling to a new country and turning the medical experience into something more appealing.

Spain has excellent international travel links and a full range of high quality clinics offering almost any private medical procedure you can think of. Fertility treatments, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry are just some examples of its medical system strengths.

Prices are very competitive, facilities are excellent and much of the clinics are located in the sunniest regions and most well-known cities, as Valencia, Barcelona or Málaga. All these factors make Spain the very best alternative to your home country. Following your med treatment in Spain allows you to have a holiday and save money.

Family holidaysAbby is 80 years old, lives in a residence in Sweden and is following a dialysis treatment. Abby and his daughter Laura wanted to enjoy a holiday together but the health of Abby was a worry.

She heard of medical holidays in Spain and something clicked in her head. She had not visited this country neither her father did so she made up her mind. Laura looked for some information on the internet and found Medtravelco. This was the perfect way to overcome all problems. Her father could stay in a residence and follow his dialysis treatment in front of the sea while Laura and her family could visit the city centre of Valencia.

At dinner time, they would come together to a nice restaurant and enjoy fresh fish on the grill, delicious vegetables and an excellent glass of wine.

Finally they had the holidays they wanted. A delightful and safe stay for all at Swedish half price.

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